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Thepaperbagstore – White Paper Carrier Bags With Strong Twisted Handles

Thepaperbagstore – White Paper Carrier Bags With Strong Twisted Handles

Are you in need of reliable and stylish carrier bags for your medium-sized products? Look no further! Thepaperbagstore offers a pack of 150 white paper carrier bags with strong twisted handles. These bags are perfect for various purposes, whether you are a retailer, a business owner, or simply someone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their gift-giving.

Product Specifications


The medium-sized white paper carrier bags measure 250x110x310mm or 10″x4.5″x12″. This size is ideal for carrying items such as clothing, accessories, books, and small gifts.


Our carrier bags are made from high-quality white paper, ensuring durability and strength. The twisted handles are securely attached to the bags, allowing for comfortable and convenient carrying.


Each pack contains 150 white paper carrier bags. This quantity is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses or individuals who frequently require packaging solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these bags be customized with a logo or design?

Yes, Thepaperbagstore offers customization services for these carrier bags. You can add your logo, brand name, or any desired design to create a personalized packaging solution.

2. Are these bags eco-friendly?

Yes, our white paper carrier bags are eco-friendly. They are made from sustainable materials and can be easily recycled.

3. Can I use these bags for heavy items?

While these bags are durable, it is recommended to use them for medium-weight items. For heavy items, we suggest considering our range of reinforced carrier bags for added strength.


Thepaperbagstore’s 150 white paper carrier bags with strong twisted handles are the perfect solution for your packaging needs. With their medium size, durable construction, and elegant design, these bags offer both functionality and style. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, these bags will enhance your brand image and make a lasting impression on your customers. Order your pack today and elevate your packaging game!

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