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TAIMIKO Electric Griddle Half Flat/Grooved Grill Countertop BBQ Grill

TAIMIKO Electric Griddle Half Flat/Grooved Grill Countertop BBQ Grill

Avoid unnecessary mess with the built-in splash

Fat drainage drawer for easily removing messy byproducts

Drainage trough that funnels fat away neatly

Easy to clean

Portable at just 16kg

Durable stainless steel design

Accurate thermostat for temperature control

Even heat distribution for thorough cooking


  • Material: Outer housing: Stainless steel, Grill Plate: Iron
  • Voltage: 220v-240/50hz-60Hz
  • Power: 3000w
  • Cooking surface thick: 8mm
  • Cooking surface size: 540*300mm(21.26in*11.81in)
  • Outsize: 544*400*206mm
  • Temperature Range: 50-300掳C
  • Warranty: one year warranty

Package Including

  • 1*Griddle Machine
  • 1*UK plug


  1. Because the plate of this griddle is made of iron, it may be rusted due to moisture in the transportation, or it may be rusted during use. It is normal, you can use a brush or The steel ball to clean it, that not a quality problem!
  2. Our baking trays are made of iron. Iron will turn black after use. Please apply a layer of cooking oil after use, otherwise it may rust. If the color has changed of the grill plate after use, that is normal, not a quality problem!
  3. When the machine starts working, there may be a small amount of smoke. This is because there is water vapor in the process of sea shipping. After working for a while, the smoke will disappear.
  4. Do not touch the electrical heating floor to avoid scald when you use this machine.
  5. You should take out the plug or switch the machine was stopped, it could avoid the issue happen.


The TAIMIKO Electric Griddle Half Flat/Grooved Grill Countertop BBQ Grill is a professional commercial griddle that is ideal for restaurants. It can be used to make fried fish, eggs, pies, meat, hamburgers, and more.

High Heat Efficiency

The Half Flat and Half Grooved plate of the griddle allows for cooking different foods with even heat distribution and high thermal efficiency.

High Quality Materials

The outer housing of the griddle is made of high-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-term use.

Heating Control

The temperature selection dial provides accurate heating control, and the large plate area allows for frying more food at one time. The temperature range is 50-300掳C.

Easy to Clean

The griddle features an oil leaking hole and removable oil drawer, making it easy to clean the hot plate quickly and simply. It also has extra splash guards on the sides and back to protect the surrounding walls and chef from hot grease and oil splatters.

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