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Rigaud BPT287719 Prestige Candle Vesuvius Orange

Rigaud BPT287719 Prestige Candle Vesuvius Orange

THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST. 100% FRENCH ARTISANAL MANUFACTURING. The Rigaud family created the FIRST SCENTED CANDLE in the world in the 1960s. All Rigaud candles continue to be poured, prepared and packaged by hand. Even our ribbons are hand-tied in the tradition of the great French luxury houses. The ideal gift for women, men, friends, family, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas.

Exceptional Patented Soft Wax

The Rigaud family developed an original formula of soft wax in the 60s whose main characteristic is to reveal, to perfection, the richness of the natural extracts which compose its perfumes. Rigaud candles are designed to sublimate the fragrance which is highly concentrated at 10% -12%.

Harmonious, Complete and Intense Combustion

The perfect harmony between our perfumes, the cotton wicks and the wax optimizes the duration and the intensity of the diffusion, as well as the quality of the combustion. When the candle is lit, its soft wax liquefies more quickly ensuring a perfect diffusion of the perfume. Once liquid, Rigaud wax burns evenly and evenly. The quality of the wax allows a complete combustion of all the wax contained in the candle.

Elegant and Luxurious Gift

Our clear glass containers allow the beautiful colors of the wax to fully fit into the style and decor of your interior. My generous size (750g) and my three wicks give you more than one hundred and fifty hours of burning in all your perfumes. When the fun has no limits.

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