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RM RICOMAX High-accuracy P/P Function Metal Detector with LCD Display

RM RICOMAX High-accuracy P/P Function Metal Detector with LCD Display

Are you looking for a metal detector for beginners? But you don’t want to just buy a children’s toy, do you? If so, you should give this Ricomax Metal Detector a shot! Pretty good performance, even can be compared with professional equipment, more than a starter kit!

High sensitivity & Pinpoint function! Would not miss any metal!

This metal detector features high sensitivity with a 10-inch waterproof search coil. Once the coil approaches any metal, the detector sounds a tone and an arrow appears below the target icon. The LCD will display the depth of the target. Now you can use P/P to pinpoint the target.

  • If the detector has no reaction, try to increase the sensitivity level;
  • If rocks or minerals disturb detection, try to decrease the sensitivity level.

LCD display & Discrimination Mode! Make metal detection easier!

In this metal detector, we use LCD and buttons to replace dial and knobs which are out of date. Because all the symbols can be displayed in one LCD, more intuitively! And the discrimination mode means you can eliminate all the metal you don’t want. Owning this metal detector, you’ll find the metal detection is so easy and convenient!

Some little function and design would surprise you!

  • Distinctive Audio Tone – A low tone, a medium tone and a high tone correspond to different types of metal.
  • Arm Support Design – To save more effort, especially for kids.
  • Adjustable Stem – To adapt to users of different height.
  • Headphone Jack(3.5mm / 1/8inch) – Allow you to use it in the noisy environment.

What’s more, this is a great way to motivate your kids to get outside and find some cool stuff with this metal explorer, instead of addicting to smartphones or computers. FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY and LIFETIME WARRANTY, totally no risk for you! Add to Cart now!

About this item

DISCRIMINATION MODE MEET YOUR DIFFERENT NEEDS – This metal detector (powered by two 9 volt alkaline batteries, not included) can detect metals including iron, aluminium, gold, bronze, silver and their articles in all-metal mode. If you just want the metal finder to detect one or more metals, you can set the target range or eliminate the target you don’t want by pressing buttons. A crossed frame is for item(s) eliminated. Accurately detect objects you want. True Discrimination Mode.


The bigger the search coil is, the higher the sensitivity. We have increased the size of the search coil to 10 inches, which makes metal detecting more efficient. And the waterproof stem and coil enable you to use our metal explorer underwater, especially suitable for use outdoors, for example, on the beach or in the stream. But it should be noted that the control box is not waterproof.


The metal detector with dial is out of date. A control box with LCD will simplify your metal detecting a lot. The detection mode, sensitivity level, battery condition, and sound level can be known at a glance. When you start your detecting and find an object, an arrow will appear below the target icon. The depth of the target is also displayed. Compared to the knob and dial, button and LCD are obviously more accurate and convenient.


There are distinctive audio tones in our metal detector for different types of metal. So after a period of time use, you can tell what type of metal you’ve detected just by audio tones. And the P/P function enables you to pinpoint a target accurately. Operating steps have been written in the manual which comes with the metal finder. All we have done is let you find the target more easily.

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