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RAPO – T5 Integrated LED Tube Light 18WITSDC – 18 Watts 4 Feet – Pack of 10 Tubes

RAPO – T5 Integrated LED Tube Light 18WITSDC – 18 Watts 4 Feet – Pack of 10 Tubes

The new series of RAPO LED Tubes consists of power efficient electronic design with output as high as 90 Lumens/Watt. Compared to Fluoroscent T5 tubes with output of 60 Lumens/Watt and power consumption of 28 Watts, RAPO provides a huge power savings on your electricity bill and a design which will make you feel building a home around it.

Electronics designed in a manner to withstand the industrial power fluctuations. Now don’t just use Lighting, use intelligent lighting to light up your areas.


  • 80% Energy Saving
  • LED Chip – EPILED (Taiwan)
  • Cool White (6500K)
  • Power to Light Conversion Efficiency as high as 90 Lumens Per Watt
  • Input – 230 VAC
  • Eco-Friendly – No Mercury or any Hazardous contents
  • Slim & Attractive Aluminium Body – Recommended for Diffused Lighting in Offices, Shops, Homes, Work Places
  • Solid State, Vibration/Shock Resistant
  • No Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much energy can I save by using RAPO LED Tubes?

RAPO LED Tubes provide 80% energy savings compared to Fluoroscent T5 tubes.

2. Are RAPO LED Tubes eco-friendly?

Yes, RAPO LED Tubes are eco-friendly as they do not contain any mercury or hazardous contents.

3. Can RAPO LED Tubes withstand industrial power fluctuations?

Yes, the electronics of RAPO LED Tubes are designed to withstand industrial power fluctuations.


RAPO LED Tubes are a power-efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution that provides high output and energy savings. With their slim and attractive design, they are recommended for diffused lighting in various settings. Upgrade to RAPO LED Tubes and experience the benefits of intelligent lighting.

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