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Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera

Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera

Introducing the Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera, the perfect toy for young photographers. With its unique features and creative design, this camera will provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for kids aged 3-12.


2.4 Inch Large Screen & Zero Ink Instant Print

The Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera comes with a 2.4 inch large screen, allowing kids to easily view and edit their photos. It uses inkless thermal printing technology, which means no ink is required to print the photos. Kids can get their black and white photos in seconds, making it a convenient and mess-free option.

Dual Lens & 1080P HD Video

This camera features dual lenses, including a selfie lens, allowing kids to capture their favorite moments from different angles. It can capture 20MP photos and record 1080P HD videos, ensuring high-quality images and videos. With the 8X digital zoom, kids can zoom in or out to take photos of distant objects.

Multifunctional Camera

The Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera is not just a camera, but a multifunctional device. It supports various features such as time-lapse recording, burst shot, 10X digital zoom, cycle recording, and 20 photo frames. Additionally, it includes 5 funny mirror effects, 6 filters, a music player, and 3 puzzle games to keep kids entertained.

32GB SD Card & Rechargeable Battery

This camera comes with a 32GB SD card, allowing kids to store thousands of photos and hundreds of videos. The built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery provides 3-4 hours of use and can be easily charged using a computer, laptop, or portable charger with USB output. The included USB cable allows for easy file transfer to a computer.


Q: What age range is this camera suitable for?

A: The Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera is suitable for boys and girls aged 3-12.

Q: Can the photos be colored?

A: Yes, we provide stickers and crayons for kids to decorate their black and white photos, allowing them to unleash their creativity and color sense.

Q: Is this camera a suitable gift for special occasions?

A: Absolutely! The Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera is the perfect gift for Christmas, New Year, holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. It will bring joy and excitement to any child.


The Hangrui Kids Instant Print Camera is a must-have toy for young photographers. With its large screen, dual lens, HD video recording, and instant printing, it offers a unique and enjoyable photography experience for kids. Whether it’s capturing special moments or unleashing their creativity, this camera will provide endless fun and entertainment. Get one for your child today!

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