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HYTREND-Kitchen Food Waste Bag – 100% Compostable Paper Bag

HYTREND-Kitchen Food Waste Bag – 100% Compostable Paper Bag

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has become a mantra for many environmentally conscious individuals. As we strive to minimize our impact on the planet, one area that often gets overlooked is food waste. According to recent studies, food waste accounts for a significant portion of the waste that ends up in landfills. To address this issue, HYTREND introduces the Kitchen Food Waste Bag – a 100% compostable paper bag that is leak resistant and plastic-free.

Leak Resistant and Plastic-Free

The HYTREND-Kitchen Food Waste Bag is designed to handle all types of food waste without leaking or tearing. Made from high-quality compostable paper, it provides a reliable and eco-friendly solution for disposing of food scraps. Unlike traditional plastic bags, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, these paper bags break down naturally in a matter of weeks.

Certified by BNQ and BPI

Our commitment to sustainability is backed by certifications from reputable organizations such as BNQ and BPI. These certifications ensure that our Kitchen Food Waste Bags meet strict standards for compostability and environmental impact. By choosing HYTREND, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are making a responsible choice for the planet.

Convenient and Versatile

The HYTREND-Kitchen Food Waste Bag comes in a small size, perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. With a capacity of 120 bags per pack, you’ll have an ample supply to last for months. The bags are also compatible with most compost bins and can be easily transported to your local composting facility.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are these bags suitable for wet food waste?
  2. Yes, the HYTREND-Kitchen Food Waste Bags are designed to be leak resistant, making them suitable for wet food waste.

  3. How long does it take for the bags to decompose?
  4. These bags are made from 100% compostable paper and will naturally decompose within a few weeks.

  5. Can I use these bags for other purposes?
  6. While these bags are specifically designed for food waste, they can also be used for other purposes such as storing small items or organizing your pantry.


The HYTREND-Kitchen Food Waste Bag is a game-changer in the fight against food waste. With its leak-resistant and plastic-free design, it offers a sustainable solution for disposing of food scraps. Certified by BNQ and BPI, these compostable paper bags are not only good for the environment but also convenient and versatile. Make a difference today by choosing HYTREND and join us in creating a greener future.

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