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Godrej Duralock – Disclock 90 mm: The Perfect Lock for Your Home and Office


The Godrej Duralock – Disclock 90 mm is a high-quality lock designed to secure your home and office. With its stylish appearance and durable construction, this lock is suitable for all types of residential and commercial establishments. By purchasing it online, you not only ensure the safety of your property but also get the best value for your money.

Main Features

Reversible Key for Convenient Operation

The lock is equipped with a reversible key, making it easy to use and operate. This feature eliminates the hassle of inserting the key in a specific orientation, ensuring a smooth unlocking experience.

Clinched and Rivetless Body for Enhanced Security

The body of the lock is clinched and rivetless, making it stronger compared to locks with rivetted bodies. The clinching process makes it difficult to break open, providing an additional layer of security for your property.

Electroplated, Hardened Steel Shackle

The shackle of the lock is electroplated and made of hardened steel. This design choice makes it resistant to hacksaw attacks, rust, and crowbar attempts, ensuring the lock’s durability and longevity.

Ultra XL+ Technology for Unmatched Security

The lock utilizes Ultra XL+ technology, also known as dimple key or computerized key, which offers a high level of security. With key combinations of up to 100 million, the lock becomes virtually non-duplicable, providing peace of mind.

Antidrill Plate for Added Protection

An antidrill plate is strategically placed at the keyhole to prevent attacks from drills. This feature enhances the lock’s resistance to forced entry, ensuring the safety of your property.


The Godrej Duralock – Disclock 90 mm is the best solution for locking shutters. Its unique construction makes it crowbar resistant, providing you with added security. The lock comes with advanced Ultra XL+ technology, offering 10 Cr combinations that are extremely difficult to duplicate. The stainless steel weather cap prevents the entry of dust, ensuring smooth operation. The lock’s strong SS304 body is highly corrosion resistant, and its enclosed construction prevents lifting by crowbars. The lock also features a hardened steel shackle for resistance against hacksaw cutting, and the bigger keyhead of the Ultra XL+ key provides better grip for ease of usage. The product packaging includes 1 Duralock UltraXL+ 90 mm with 3 keys in a blister pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this lock for both residential and commercial purposes?

Yes, the Godrej Duralock – Disclock 90 mm is suitable for all types of homes, commercial establishments, and more.

2. Is the lock easy to operate?

Yes, the lock’s reversible key ensures convenient operation, making it easy to use for anyone.

3. How does the lock provide enhanced security?

The lock’s clinched and rivetless body, electroplated hardened steel shackle, and Ultra XL+ technology contribute to its enhanced security features.

4. Can the lock withstand drilling attempts?

Yes, the lock has an antidrill plate placed at the keyhole, preventing attacks from drills and enhancing its resistance to forced entry.


The Godrej Duralock – Disclock 90 mm is the perfect lock to secure your home and office. Its strong and durable construction, along with its advanced security features, ensures the safety of your property. With its reversible key and clinched, rivetless body, this lock offers convenience and enhanced security. Invest in the Godrej Duralock – Disclock 90 mm today and enjoy the best value for your money.

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