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Fritz Kola Sugar Free – Product Description

Fritz Kola Sugar Free

The slimline sister, this Fritz-kola will also keep you wide awake. It is a sugar-free version of the popular Fritz Kola, but with a full dose of caffeine. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the refreshing taste of Fritz Kola without the added sugar.

Product Details


  • Size: 24 x 330ml
  • Contains Added Colour
  • Contains Added Preservatives
  • Contains Caffeine

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fritz Kola Sugar Free suitable for diabetics?

Yes, Fritz Kola Sugar Free is a great option for diabetics as it does not contain any added sugar.

2. How much caffeine does it contain?

Each can of Fritz Kola Sugar Free contains a full dose of caffeine to keep you awake and energized.

3. Can I order a different pack size?

Currently, we only offer the 24 x 330ml pack size for Fritz Kola Sugar Free.


Experience the same great taste of Fritz Kola without the sugar with Fritz Kola Sugar Free. This slimline sister will keep you wide awake with its full dose of caffeine. Order your 24 x 330ml pack today and enjoy the refreshing and energizing drink.

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