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CEPMen’s Calf Compression Running Sleeves

CEPMen’s Calf Compression Running Sleeves

Thin, but just as tight. Ultralight calf sleeves are 25% thinner than CEP 2.0 calf sleeves but still feature our performance enhancing progressive compression technology. CEP proprietary compression profile is clinically proven to improve performance, prevent injury, and reduce micro-trauma to the muscles in your lower leg. By increasing circulation the muscles are fueled with more oxygen and nutrients, giving you more power and control during active use, and helps to prevent overuse injuries.

Say goodbye to shin splints. CEP high-tech compression fibers wrap around the leg over 300 times. This gives your calf muscle maximum support and stability, and prevents Micro tears in the connective tissues that cause shin splints.

The ultralight material is designed for warmer, more humid climates. When you start sweating, air will hit any moisture that has been pulled from the surface of your skin. This creates a cooling affect that can reduce skin temperature up-to 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

CEP Ultralight Calf Sleeves

Ultralight design is 30% less robust than our classic model, without sacrificing strength and durability. Graduated compression profile improves performance and reduces leg pain from calf and shin swelling.

Support Sleeves

Reduce swelling and calf soreness with the perfect compression sleeve. Lightweight and breathable, Ultralight is optimal for warm climates, keeping your skin dry. Perfect for running, cycling, and preventing shin splints.

Graduated Compression

20-30mmHg compressive yarns wrap around the calf 300+ times, containing the calf. Our precise compression improves blood circulation to the calf and ankle muscles, increasing muscular endurance and reducing fatigue.

Comfort & Quality

Halo top-band lands comfortably below the knee, keeping sleeves in place, mile after mile. Maintain full range of motion and eliminate irritation as the front ribbing reduces skin temperature in warm and humid climates.

  • 52% Polyamide (Nylon)
  • 25% Elastane
  • 23% Polypropylene

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these sleeves suitable for all sports?

A: Yes, these sleeves are perfect for running, cycling, and any other sport that requires calf support and compression.

Q: Can these sleeves help with shin splints?

A: Absolutely! The CEP Ultralight Calf Sleeves are designed to prevent shin splints by providing maximum support and stability to the calf muscles.

Q: Are these sleeves comfortable to wear for long periods?

A: Yes, the sleeves are made with a halo top-band that lands comfortably below the knee, ensuring they stay in place mile after mile.


The CEPMen’s Calf Compression Running Sleeves are the perfect choice for athletes looking for optimal support and performance enhancement. With their ultralight design and graduated compression technology, these sleeves provide maximum comfort and reduce leg pain. Say goodbye to shin splints and enjoy improved endurance and reduced fatigue during your workouts. Invest in the best for your legs!

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