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BIA International – Camembert Baking Dish and Cheese Plate – Porcelain Cheese Baker Set – Cream & Red – Gifting a Cheese Set

BIA International – Camembert Baking Dish and Cheese Plate – Porcelain Cheese Baker Set – Cream & Red – Gifting a Cheese Set

The vintaged design cheese platter and corresponding cheese presentation dish is brilliant for cheese presentation and melting and features a vintage Camembert box design. The beautiful set is designed by BIA design group who specialize in leading porcelain, ceramic and stoneware kitchenware and utensils. This is an intimately designed cheese platter with multi-use purposes, the plate can be used to layer little slices of bread for dipping around the cheese pot centerpiece or for adding a mixture of nuts and jams to double dip from the cheese. If you are a cheese lover or interested in becoming a cheese lover then you will most definitely not regret the purchase of this Camembert cheese plate set. We have a wide range of other Camembert baking dishes, all offering different designs and detailing. All designs are finished with a strong gloss glaze to ensure the integrity of the porcelain set and come boxed so would be a fabulous gift.

Key Features:

  • Porcelain cheese oven plate
  • Robust long-lasting design
  • High-quality glaze finish
  • Removable lid for an easy clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Dimensions: 31 × 31 × 15 cm


  • 1x Porcelain Baker Set with Lid
  • 1x Porcelain Platter

Classic Porcelain Design for the Perfect Cheese Dish

A beautiful Camembert cheese baker and platter dish set made from the finest porcelain baking materials to ensure a succulent creamy cheese plate for whenever you’re craving a central European escape! Pair the cheese plate with a wide array of melted cheese and a wine set in a pot over an open flame for a perfect soft cheese experience. The Camembert set comes with a fine detailed vintage design to draw out a Swiss aura full of nature.

Unique Multi-Use Cheese Platter

BIA has designed a cheese platter to help you save mess on the cheese board, simply cut a range of cheese, you choose: Brie, Camembert, Gruyere, Cheddar with a cheese cutting kitchen set and pop the smooth, velvety cheese nibbles into the ceramic dish then into the oven. Voila! For an extra creamy cheese fondue mix, leave the ceramic dish in a little longer while you toast some bread to dip.

Beautiful for Oven Baking

This cheese set is ideal to recreate the gastro-pub favorite, the baked Camembert!! In this gift boxed set, there is an extra detailed leaflet with seven different recipes, a further attest to the diversity of this dish! Present the cheese in the middle of the porcelain plate with sweet chutney, port, and nuts surrounding the gooey goodness around the presentation plate.

Dimensions and Care

Cheese mixing platter and cheese baker set. An addition to stoneware serving accessories, table, and dinnerware. Product dimensions: 310 × 310 × 15 mm, material: porcelain dish, color/design: multicolor design with a vintage style print. The baked cheese dish is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. We do recommend a hand wash to preserve the painted details and gloss finish.

Great for Cheese Fiends

Coming gift boxed and packed, this Camembert baker dish and matching plate set is perfect for all cheese lovers! Friends and family will appreciate this gift as the French style detailing adds a focus on cheese culture. Learning about cheese is done best when it is tasted, so gift this to your friends, bake some French cheese, and debate over the kitchen counter as to which cheese flavor is your favorite!

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