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Able Life Space Saver Walker

Able Life Space Saver Walker

The Able Life Space Saver Walker is a revolutionary mobility aid that provides independence, balance, and support for adults, seniors, and the elderly. Its lightweight and foldable design make it perfect for travel and everyday use.

Key Features

Foldable Compact Walker

The walker folds 4 times smaller than average rollators, making it highly portable and easy to store. With the touch of a finger, you can collapse the walker like an umbrella stroller, allowing you to stash it in your car or shopping cart with ease.

Travel Friendly

Whether you’re traveling, running errands, or getting around the house, the Space Saver Walker is the perfect companion. Its lightweight, 8-pound frame is easy to load and unload from a vehicle, yet sturdy enough to support up to 400 pounds.

No Assembly Required

The walker comes pre-assembled and ready to use straight from the box. The padded handles can be adjusted from 32 to 38 inches, allowing you to customize it to the height of your wrist when your arm is extended down.

Fixed Front Wheels

Featuring 6-inch fixed wheels, the walker provides stability and security when walking. The rear easy-glide skis ensure ease of movement indoors and outside. You can also customize your walker with our front organizer pouch or a set of locking swivel wheels.

Narrow and Stylish Design

When open, the walker’s compact 24 by 24-inch footprint allows you to maneuver through tight hallways, door frames, and bathrooms. When folded, the walker is self-standing and has a footprint measuring 5 by 7 inches.


Is the walker easy to fold and unfold?

Yes, the Space Saver Walker can be collapsed and expanded with the touch of a finger, making it incredibly convenient for storage and travel.

Can the walker be used on different types of terrain?

While the walker is best suited for indoor use, the fixed front wheels and rear easy-glide skis provide stability and ease of movement both indoors and outdoors.

Is the walker customizable?

Yes, you can personalize your walker with our front organizer pouch or a set of locking swivel wheels, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.


The Able Life Space Saver Walker is a game-changer for anyone in need of mobility support. Its innovative design, lightweight construction, and customizable features make it a must-have for adults, seniors, and the elderly. Experience independence and freedom with the Space Saver Walker today!

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